Global-Tek Security Services

Services Offered:

- Intrusion Alarms                        - Fire Alarms                              - CCTV                                

- Access Control                         - PERS Medical Monitoring        - Automatic Gate Control  

- 24 Hour Monitoring                   - Voice & Data Systems             - Intercoms 

- CAC Card Integration               - Home Automation                    - IP Video

- Remote Video Storage             - Threat Assessment                  - Audio / Video Systems   

- Design Consultation

Global-Tek Security offers design, sale, installation, service and monitoring of electronic security systems. Our team is factory trained and cross trained on industry leading manufacturer's equipment. This means that GT Security technicians can service and monitor most existing, customer owned systems. This helps alleviate the up-front cost of replacing existing systems in many instances.

We specialize in offering control of your intrusion alarm, access control, and CCTV systems from your web enabled mobile device. We put you in control of your home and business from virtually anywhere in the world.

That is what we mean by providing tomorrow's solutions today!